A Marie's is a boutique company in Brandon, Mississippi area that provides handcrafted soaps and gifts for the everyday experience and celebrating special occasions. Their products provide a creamy, moisturizing, and generous lather experience in many designs and scents that range from 96-100% natural.


A note from the makers:

We deeply appreciate the beauty and nourishment around us, and we strive to bring these elements into each soap experience. Since each soap is handmade  and may not look exactly like the other, you may want to consider it your own unique soap.



Our soaps are made with coconut oil, goat's milk, mango butter, and additional vegetable-based glycerin which...

  • Moisturize while cleansing
  • Produce a creamy lather ideal for shaving. We like to leave our soap on our legs for a few seconds before shaving to increase the moisturizing qualities
  • Are scented with essentials oils and/or high quality fragrance oils that are phthalate free
  • Contain no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Our soaps range from 96-100% all natural



How to use:

Use your garden flower soap to add fragrant decor to any sink or bath area. Take a deep, relaxing smell of your flower. It's your own personal flower garden. Whenever you desire, pull one petal from your flower and use for your choice of hand washes, bathing, or shaving. The petal melts into creamy lathers that are moisturizing goat's milk, Shea butter and coconut oil. A petal that is not used completely can be easily saved for the next use. In addition, a guest can use a petal for each shower or bath. If you travel, you can take a few petals with you and know that your wash will be moisturizing on the go.


** In addition, sprinkle a few creamy petals in your bath water. They will melt for a skin-softening bath soak.