Terra Naturals Designs Jewelry

Why do we love Terra Naturals Designs?

Terra Natural Designs create wonderful jewelry designs made with naturals resources, all while giving back to a community!  The Terra Natural Designs team has been designing and developing sustainable jewelry made by people in South America since 2008. These pieces of earthy and elegant jewelry are handmade from the Tagua nuts and Acai seeds and fashioned into unique jewelry. 10329316_732611653427505_4532243228675238147_nTerra Naturals Designs focuses on the Tagua nut, which is also known as Palm Ivory.  It's resemblance to ivory is remarkable!   It has such a smooth, sleek feeling to it and it accepts vegetable dyes beautifully. "Containing natural swirls of color, which render each nut and slice unique, the tagua nut is gorgeous. We take deep pleasure in training the villagers about modern designs, which helps them create a contemporary collection that is attractive for men and women of any age and lifestyle. All which brings these villagers a fair wage and economic stability." We know you are wondering:  it's pronounced "Tog-wa"!