Wind Chimes

Why do we love Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes?

Music of the Spheres Soprano Chime

Music of the Spheres Soprano Chime

  All you have to do is listen to them to realize they are the best chimes you've ever heard.  From then on, all other chimes will sound tinny!   As with everything we sell, we look always for quality.   These are called "The Stradivarius" of chimes, even by other chime companies!   They are hand made in Texas from the best materials, and tuned to perfect pitch.   Available in different scales and pitches, so you'll be tempted to collect several to create a wind chime orchestra. They are made to withstand weather conditions for long periods of time.  Ours at Artfully Framed has been hanging outside our entrance for over 10 years, and they sound just as great as they did a decade ago.

You must hear them to appreciate the quality of sound!

Click on each one to hear how they sound.  Each one sounds great alone,  but they sound amazing grouped together!