UCAN Support “Bluff Bras”

UCAN Support Bluff Bras

UCAN Support Bluff Bras!

We originally came up with the idea of an event to celebrate National Art and Framing Month (October).  The idea hit us that since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month,  we would like to partner up with our local United Cancer Assistance Network and create something to benefit their good work in our community. Formerly "UCAN Love Art!", this is an event that originated as an art auction with the silent auction of donated original works by local artists.   After a few years, we came upon the idea of letting artists decorate and paint on bras, and it was a HIT! Our event in 2014 raised over $2500.00!  Thank you and when you see a bra/collection jar displayed in a business, please add a dollar or two to say "Thank you" to that artist, and to support our local UCAN.  

ATTEND!   The UCAN Support "Bluff Bras" reception .

VOTE!   The artist whose bra gets the most votes wins a cool prize.  Come out and vote for your favorite. BID! on a bra to take to your place of business to display during the month of October.   Bras can be sponsored ahead of time (and decorated to your specifications) if you like, and there will be several available for silent auction at the event. DISPLAY!   If you win a bid, we encourage you to display the framed Art Bra in your workplace or business during October  (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) to raise awareness.   You can also display a collection jar (optional) that we will provide for donations. If you already have a bra from our previous event, PLEASE get it out and display it during October!  Questions?  Call us at 785-6178 or 888-215-9449. If you'd like to sponsor a bra or help in any way, please contact us!   Here are some photos from the event in 2012:  

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