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How to decorate a Christmas Tree

We are asked all the time, “Do you decorate Christmas Trees for people?” The short answer to that is no.   We simply aren’t in that line of business, and by the time we decorate 20 or so trees for our own store, we are no longer in the mood to do it for others.   Having said that, we CAN refer you to some amazingly talented individuals who can come in and do that for you.   OR, if you are still willing to go it on your own, but think you need a little extra help, we offer

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Our Christmas Open House

It’s the time of year we begin gearing up for our Annual Christmas Open House. We incorporated Christmas ornaments in our store in 2006 and each year we decorate about 20 trees and garlands in different themes.   This year, our Open House will be on Nov 7th and 8th.   We actually close on the 7th so that we can decorate the last “showcase” trees and put on the finishing touches to the store.  We’ll open up at 5:30 and unveil our decor.   This year, we’ll be giving away a 3 oz Tin Roof Candle to anyone making

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NEW–Terra Naturals Jewelry

What is the Tagua Nut? The Tagua Nut (also known as vegetable ivory) is the seed found in the pods of the Ivory-nut palm tree. Phytelephas, the scientific name of the ivory-palm tree, literally means “elephant plant” because when its seeds are dried out they become as hard, durable and carvable as an elephant tusk ivory. Tagua grows in the tropical rain forests of South America, mostly in Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Peru. How is it made into jewelry?   The Tagua pods are collected and then selected to dry them out in the sun from four to six months, so

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4th Annual AWA “Art for Animals” art show and auction!

Our 4th annual  “Art for Animals”  silent art auction to benefit the Animal Welfare Alliance of SE Missouri was a huge success!   We netted over $5000. for AWA. Each year, local artists of all walks of life donate their talents for our auction.  Paintings of all different media are donated, with the only restriction that they be 5 inches by 7 inches in size.   We then take the artwork and frame each one.   We launched the “Unleashing” party on April 11th (5-7 p.m.), during which time the art was unveiled and the bidding began.   This is always a

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Himalayan Candles: Our featured Art-Inspired gift

Beautiful Art Inspired Himalayan Candles are handcrafted in India, in the shadows of the Himalayan Mountains It was the aroma from the candles that drew us in at the booth in the Atlanta Market.  We were impressed with the containers; how their understated elegance stood out, but then one after one, we picked them up and said to each other, “Ooo, smell this one!”, and “Oh, this is my favorite!”    We didn’t purchase them at first, after all, candles are plentiful at market, so it truly takes something original to stand out.  Later in the evening, though, we both remembered these candles among the

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Protecting your professional portrait investment.

Professional portraits are an investment that need protection to insure that you will have them at their best for years to come. Wedding photos, Senior portraits, baby’s milestones and other of life’s moments are captured by the photographer’s lens.   There are times when we want to hire a professional photographer so that the best possible images are recorded for our future enjoyment.   It stands to reason that you would also want the very best protection and design for those images. Professional photographers study their craft, purchase the best equipment and spend years perfecting their art, just as professional framers do.  

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Ordinary items become extraordinary when given the custom framing treatment.

Shadowboxes are a wonderful way to display the passions of our lives. Just a quick look around the house will reveal treasures that make great framed shadowboxes.

Breathing New Life-Photo Restoration

We all have the old photos hanging out in the shoebox, the yellowed scrapbook, the back of the drawer.   It is a shame that these priceless memories lay waste, cast aside for time to take it’s toll.   Without proper care, neglected photos can disappear forever.   We recommend scanning the originals with a high resolution photo scanner, and restoring the digital files.   We can then print out copies, as many as you want, on archival paper with fade resistant inks.    Many damaged photos can be recreated, including tears, missing pieces or other mishaps. Why choose us?  What separates us from the rest is

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