Here at Artfully Framed we are proud to carry high quality jewelry for any taste! 


We are not currently selling all of our jewelry lines online due to one of a kind items selling in-store before or shortly after adding it to the website! If you are interested in a certain piece, please contact us via email or phone!

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Ronaldo Jewelry

Ronaldo has created and copyrighted nearly 900 designs. He uses only the finest raw materials, including 14k gold wire, platinum, and Argentium silver to create his masterpieces. Once his designs are sculpted in metal, Ronaldo compliments them with superior quality gemstones, semi-precious stones, cameos, and pearls.

What you will see is an unsurpassed level of vision and intuition, a degree of artistry seldom achieved. Under Ronaldo's expert guidance, 48 artisans are continually being trained in his method for creating fascinating and beautiful art. It takes years to become a master craftsman, and under the instruction of Ronaldo, many have achieved the position of being named true masters.

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Wearable mantras that evoke determination, self-worth, and grace. Choose the words that speak to you and keep them close to your heart. 

Inspired. Strong. You.

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R&D Designs

R&D Designs

Hand crafted by local Artisans, R&D Designs have quickly become a favorite among the employees of Artfully Framed. With copper wrapped ethically harvested crystals from Arkansas necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, these sets will ensure that people often stop and ask you "Where did you get that??" They're beautiful, unique, and crafted with care and quality.

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Lenny & Eva creates beautiful, interchangeable jewelry with a much bigger purpose-to inspire women. Choose the "sentiment" that speaks to you, then wear your daily mantra on your wrist as a reminder to dream bigger, work harder, and love more deeply. Each Lenny & Eva piece is proudly hand-crafted in the USA.


Elaine Coyne

Elaine Coyne

Elaine Coyne Galleries, Inc. was established in 1974. Their premise was to make beautiful jewelry based on art history at rational prices. They continue that tradition through years of focus and experience. Her look is a blend of art history and fashion trends. This innovation has made Elaine Coyne a leader in the "Collectible Art wear" Movement. As gold and silver prices have skyrocketed, "alternative metals" have moved to the forefront in the world of jewelry. Elaine Coyne Galleries became a leader in the industry of "Alternative Metals".

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Other Designers We are Proud to Carry:

+ Lizzy J's Bullet Jewelry
+ Whispering Prayer Bracelets
+ Ginger Snaps

+ Mullanium
+ Beaucoup
+ La Contessa