Looking for a unique gift to give the man in your life? The manly man? Look no further than our line, Duke Cannon. 

Duke Cannon hails from a simpler time. A time when the term handymanwas redundant. A time when chivalry and patriotism weren’t considered old- fashioned. A time when you never put the word salad next to bar.

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As any historian worth his salt will tell you, this country was built by folks with a sense of purpose. Duke Cannon’s purpose is simple: to make superior-quality grooming goods that meet the high standards of hard-working men. Our products are tested by soldiers, not boy bands. And they’re made in a little place we like to call the United States of America.

The How:

The shape and size of Duke Cannon's Soap was inspired by the soap issued to G.I.'s during the Korean War. It is produced in the same U.S. based, family-owned plant that was the sole supplier to the military during that era. Today they continue to gain inspiration from the fine soldiers serving our country with our relationship with the Bravo Company 2-1135..

While big corporations pay MBA's to conduct months of focus groups, Duke Cannon simply works with their liaisons in Bravo Company 2-135 to inspire new ideas and review any and all new products before they launch. Simply put, if it doesn't meet the high standards of the company, it doesn't happen. 




Weighing in at 10 oz, these soaps are no joke! Large and tough enough to do the job effectively and without a whiff of floral scents. We also sell the soap on a rope holders to keep your soap ready for action.This U.S. military-grade tactical soap pouch should be standard-issue for every shower. To maximize hygiene in tactical situations, this equipment is engineered with a coarse mesh to scrub your hands and feet, and a softer mesh for less rough areas. The 550-mil-spec paracord keeps your large soap off the ground. Perfect for home, outdoor, or field.