Media Conversion

projector (transparent)-2Don't let those captured memories fade away!

We have partnered with one of the leading media conversion companies in the US to provide a high quality service for preservation of photo and audio memories. So if you have a box full of 35mm slides, negatives or video tapes, etc., we can help you get those in a format that you can actually use and enjoy on today's equipment. Some of their services include: Media Conversion and Transfer Services: ingestion, digitization and reformatting video and audio content for new purposes.  Examples of our service products include the digitization of home movies on film and video tape to new formats such as DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and various data file formats. Custom Video Storage: solutions for retaining valuable media assets for the long term - on LTO tape, on disc, or in online, cloud-hosted  archive storage.  In addition, we are able to add value to digital multimedia content with textual and audio notes and metadata, and thereby help the media better retain its value. Video Editing and Production for small budgets: offering services to help families and companies better tell their unique story and history.  Services include scripting, filming, production, editing, narration, royalty free instrumental music, and other custom touches to deliver your movie in disc, data file or web-ready format. For more information and an estimate, please call us at 1-888-215-9449 or 573-785-6178

Some examples of pricing on a few of the most popular services available:

Stereo reel to reel tape deck player recorder vector Transfer of 8 mm, 16mm, and Super 8mm film (old reel to reel movie type films): (There’s a minimum of $50.00 per service) .17 cents per foot for scanning to DVD .22 cents per foot for scanning to Blu-Ray Disc (other scanning and storage options are available)   SlidesOld 35mm Slides to CD  (Minimum Charge of $10.00 per service) 1-5 = $10.00 6-20= $20.00 21-50 slides=$1.00 each 51-200 slides=$.75 each 200+ slides=$.45 each   Black and white negative filmNon Standard Slides/ Photo Negatives to CD (Minimum $10.00 per service) 1-5 = $10.00 6-20 = $2.00 each 21+ = $1.00 each     Vintage photos Greek templePhotos to CD  (scanned at 600ppi) (higher resolution scans available –call for quotes) (Minimum $10.00 per service) 1-10 = $10.00 10+ = $1.00 each