Simply Perfect Sunday is the line of bath and beauty products created by Penny Klinedinst.

For busy women – which means all women – Sunday is the time to relax, unplug and take time for oneself. The Simply Perfect Sunday line is designed to help you nurture yourself, to help you rebuild and refuel so that you can start the week refreshed.

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Lotions + Shower Gels

Available in 3 luxurious scents, our lotions and shower gels will keep you smelling classy  till your head hits the pillow! 

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Bubble Bath

Held in glass, corked bottles, these bubble bath bottles are stylish and add a touch of elegance to any bathroom setting. 

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Fabric Softener + Sprays

Looking to be surrounded by your favorite scent all the time? Check out our fabric softener and our sprays! The sprays work as room, linen, and skin fresheners!